Novalash Certified

Eyelash Extensions​

Rebecca is NovaLash trained and offers both oil-proof and waterproof eyelash extensions. She will glue one lash at a time as opposed to gluing clumps on to your lashes, which can damage your lashes and eye. Rebecca creates a natural lash look or a volume look depending on your wants. This procedure gives you an amazing natural flow to your lash.

Volume lashes are a newer and more innovative technique where multiple extensions are attached to one lash to give more dimension and texture. Lash extensions typically last the same lifetime as your natural lash cycle, which is between 4-6 weeks. However, to avoid them looking patchy as they grow out, most lash salons usually recommend touchups after 2 or 4 weeks to keep lashes looking completely full and uniform.

Hybrid eyelash extensions are the half way step between a classic set of eyelash extensions and a volume set. They can also be a great way to achieve the staggered look by using longer classic extensions. Hybrid lashes will last anywhere from 2-4 weeks.

Classic Lashing is a technique in which a single extension is applied to one, isolated natural lash. Classic lashes are perfect for adding length and some fullness to your natural lash line. Typically they last around three to four weeks but you might find yourself needing a fill.

Eyelash extensions are used to enhance the length, curliness, fullness, and thickness of natural eyelashes. They make extensions from several materials, including mink, synthetic, human or horsehair.


  • Eyelash extensions

    $250 Full Set
    Lash Fill $75 (Up to 2 weeks and please have 40-50% left)
    Lash Fill $95 (Up to 3 weeks)
    Lash Fill $120 (Up to 4 weeks)
    Mini Set $175 (Returning Clients Only)

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